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It's Chop Time

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“It's Chop TIme”

Food plays a pivotal role in Ghanaian culture. Rich colours and flavours are at the forefront of every Ghanaian dish, and can be directly like to the intricate and colourful culture of us Ghanaians.

The Chop Bar was created from the notion of sharing; and in specific, sharing Ghana’s rich and colourful culture, and how best to do it than through our flavorful food! Our mission is to provide each and every customer with a uniquely Ghanaian dining experience with a modern and cool twist. Come enjoy some waakye with fish, or apesi with palava sauce. We promise it will be as good as you imagine it to be! It’s Chop Time! And you are always invited...

Find us at the Achimota Retail Center near St. John’s or at the A&C Mall in East Legon.

The new taste of Ghanaian fast food

CNN's Amir Daftari meets the founders of The Chop Bar, a fast food restaurant inspired by classic Ghanaian dishes. Source: CNN

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